An entrepreneurial production team wisely adapted this story of a perilous bike ride to the realities of a winter shoot in Michigan.
Camera and serial killer in a well-rehearsed dance of blocking and composition.
Moody pools of light conspire with next-level location scouting, production design, and casting.
Passionately personal and artistically realized, this film puts both depth-of-field and synchronous multi-camera work to good use.
Smooth cranes and tilts ennoble and elevate the story of a family farm that's become a favorite regional creamery.
Original music and choreography tell the story of students preparing for a film festival.
Broadcast on PBS, this Davey Award winning documentary chronicles community development in the Andes of Ecuador.
A lush travelogue chronicled a biology field trip... and took home a Davey Award for cinematography.
Shot primarily at night, well-executed lighting believably suggests otherwise.
The Emmy-Award winning experimental dance piece explores the interaction of antique neon light with irregular surfaces.
An essential task of documentary makers is to explore subjects far outside their own experience and comfort zones.
Artist Jim Southerland combines an ancient optical device with green printmaking technology. In progress.
A Telly Award winner, the promotional installation is projection-mapped onto exterior surfaces of art museums and galleries.
Can a small progressive arts school make a difference to Hoboken's diverse urban poor? Winner of two Telly Awards.
An orchestral score performed by a 36-piece ensemble anchors a flat world of fabric, glass, and paper.
A suite of short films highlights the work of certified music therapists with persons suffering from dementia.