The Film: Hope of the Quechua

Shot in the Andes of Ecuador, "The Hope of the Quechua" chronicles the impact of holistic community development initiatives among the indigenous residents of the village of Illagua Chico. The 25-minute short follows Esteban and Maria Petrona as they and their neighbors address challenges in agriculture, women's rights, social justice, business, and spiritual formation.

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The Muller Charitable Fund
Winner of three silver Davey Awards and two bronze Telly Awards, "The Hope of the Quechua" has been screened at the Arpa International Film Festival (Hollywood, CA), COMMFFEST Global Community Festival (Toronto, ON), The University Film and Video Association (Colorado Springs, CO). It has been designated "Top Documentary Short" by the Central States Communication Association (St. Louis, MO) and a semi-finalist for InverVarsity's Bosscher-Hammond Prize.