Movies for Moviemakers

Le Voyage Dans La Lune
The Great Train Robbery
Buster Keaton
Seven Samurai
Sunset Boulevard
Rear Window

Before You Graduate  You'll make better movies with these in your brain.

The Dark Knight

National Film Registry  The Library of Congress preserves 25 movies a year.

What's Opera, Doc?

50 Greatest Cartoons 1000 professional animators picked these.

Ragin Bull

75 Best Edited Films according to the Motion Picture Editors Guild

Ladri di bicyclette

100 Greatest Foreign Films The BBC says you're not watching enough Kurosawa.

The Force Awakens

Box Office Mojo  constantly updates a list of top earners.  So much data.

Singin' in the Rain

100 Years Pizza night?  Consult The American Film Institute's fun genre lists.

Apocalypse Now

Best-Shot Films of the 20th Century American Society of Cinematographers