The Film: Moo

The intimate fearlessness of camera placement combines with smooth movement to give this 200-level project a rare polish. Cranes and tilts ennoble and elevate the story of a family farm that's become a favorite regional creamery.

Student producers did a particularly good job of matching this film with likely audiences. Their thoughtful festival entry strategy paid off handsomely at competitions throughout the U.S.

More Details

Intermediate Digital Filmmaking
A process documentary under ten minutes to be publicly screened and entered in no fewer than two film festivals. "B" roll intercut with at least two multi-cam interviews. Color-correction should minimize vagaries of lighting. Collaborate with an art student to produce the film's graphic identity (credits, lower-thirds) and promotional materials. Collaborate with music students to produce an original soundtrack.
Official Selection, Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (GA) | Official Selection, Great Lakes International Film Festival (PA) | Official Selection, Blue Water Film Festival (MI)