Objective:  The goals of this composition assignment are (1) to plan a project for logistical efficiency and storytelling impact, and (2) to convey meaning through intentional framing, design, and placement.  Among other criteria, this assignment’s grading privileges mise-en-scène, consistent screen direction, the rule of thirds, look space, headroom, and depth articulation.
Submit:  On behalf of your group, your director will e-mail a storyboard as a .pdf via e-mail to the professor when directed to do so.  Please do not continue to this shooting phase of the Composition project without the professor’s approval of those storyboards.
Assessment:  Your group grade will be averaged with other project scores.

  • Choose and analyze one of the following four short scripts: Affair, Espionage, Late, or Secret.  In each scene, two people meet.  Their meeting escalates to a climax.  They withdraw. 
  • Because each script offers only dialogue, you will have to specify setting, character demographics, and action. 
  • Shot size and composition should clearly indicate the scene’s moment of highest intensity or emotion.
  • Plot no more than 6 shots.  I recommend using the Storyboarder app.  Make sure the storyboard includes spoken lines and action cues, as in this example.
  • Compose in a project aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Distinguish characters from each other using body types and colors.


We’re Art majors; can we just draw our storyboards?  Sure.  You don’t have to use the Storyboarder app, but you can import your own drawings into it.  Pretty easy, actually.  Instructions are on the app’s front page.