Objective: A sound editor will create, organize, edit, and mix, an effects stem to enhance the film’s soundtrack.  To prepare for future project work of more consequence, familiarize yourself with the Audition Workspace and the dynamic links workflow between Audition and Premiere.
Submit: Vimeo D2L to the appropriate D2L assignment folder.
Assessment:  The individual grade will be averaged with other quiz & assignment scores.

  • Spot the assigned video, making a list of necessary sound effects and their corresponding timecodes.
  • Record the necessary effects with an intimate microphone distance for low noise.
  • Add the effects to an Adobe Premiere timeline, each effect having a labeled track of its own.  Route all tracks to a Foley submix channel.
  • Export the Adobe Premiere timeline to Adobe Audition, employing Dynamic Links (if possible).
  • Adjust levels as appropriate.
  • Export the Audition work back to Adobe Premiere
  • Export the Adobe Premiere and upload to Vimeo.
  • Upload Vimeo url to the appropriate D2L assignment folder.