Film & Video I (3). The emphasis of the course is on film and video as a creative art medium and the creative process as essential to analytical thinking and expression. The course examines historical and aesthetic approaches of the media based on twentieth century art. It offers individual experiences in film and video production. This course is approved to fulfill the General Education designation of Computer Competency. Prerequisite: ART106.

Film & Video II (3). This course continues Film and Video Production I with increased emphasis on independent growth as an artist, plus working with collaborators to create stronger works and concepts. It offers continued creative production experiences in interpretive lighting, dramatic composition, graphic design, creative editing, computer-generated imagery, and conceptual art. Students produce art work in digital video. Prerequisite: ART101, ART102, ART103, ART105, ART107, ART267.

Light & Sound Design (3). This upper-level elective is designed to impart advanced-level knowledge in the realms of lighting design and sound design. Students will explore the technical and aesthetic considerations when crafting a lighting scheme for a scene or situation. Crafting light and shadow, textures and depth within a scene, mood and emotion, and even when not to light are all covered. Students will also learn the history of sound, and sound recording techniques using both traditional and digital methods. On-location and in-studio post-production techniques will also be covered. Prerequisites: ART249, ART267, ART268 and Candidacy in Cinema.

Advanced Film & Video Production (3). This course in professional film, video and computer art production emphasizes double-system shooting, traditional and computer-based editing, computer-based sound mixing, special effects, title work, computer imaging, and electronic cinematography. Students produce major projects with film, video, and computer. Prerequisite: ART367.