The Cinema Audio Society (CAS) was formed in 1964 for the purpose of sharing information with Sound Professionals in the Motion Picture and Television Industry.  Active Members are Mixers (Production and Post Production, Film and Video) who work on Feature Films, Television, and Commercials, as well as Mixers who specialize in Music Scoring, Video Post Sweetening, A.D.R. and Foley.  Associate Members are Sound Specialists, such as Sound Editors, Technicians, Recordists, and Microphone Boom Operators.

Royalty-free Production Music.  Be advised: “royalty-free” ≠ “free” music.  Some of these sites offer music that may be had for free in exchange for acknowledgement in the credits.  Others offer music for sale.  Please do not confuse one with the other.  Worse, do not illegally appropriate (a.k.a. “steal”) music.  Doing so constitutes a violation of the university’s academic honesty policy (for starters).

Audio Library



Epidemic Sound

Free Music Archive


Sound Effects.  Again, I’ll stress that “royalty-free” ≠ “free.”  I’m as thrifty as the next guy, but I caution you against always seeking the free alternative.  A thing is frequently worth what you pay for it.  And, at some point, you expect others to pay for your work, don’t you?

Freesound.  I’m a particularly big fan of this non-profit effects swapping site.  The cost of downloading the sound effect you need is uploading a sound effect you have.

GR Sites Free Sound FX Library

Partners in Rhyme

AudioMicro Stock Audio Library

Sound Bible



American Cinematographer, the monthly publication of the ASC, an indispensable archive of interviews with folks who explain their motives and techniques for creating images.

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) was founded in Hollywood in 1919 with the purpose of advancing the art and science of cinematography and bringing cinematographers together to exchange ideas, discuss techniques and promote the motion picture as an art form — a mission that continues today.

Sun Surveyor tracks the position of the sun and moon.  Great for planning exterior shoots.

Manual control of exposure and focus (not to mention audio level monitoring) will make your smartphone act more like a quality video camera.  The Moment Pro App for iPhone or Android may help.



Stock Footage can take the form of video clips, photographic stills, or something like a customizable effects template.  It’s wise to remember that you can both buy and sell to these sites, so shoot smart and make those vacation pictures and videos work for you.  Surfing these catalogs, blogs, and newsletters (not to mention free promotional downloads) frequently shakes loose creative ideas for my own projects.

Over 120 FREE Assets For Filmmakers and Video Editors Shutterstock

Premium Beat  223 Free Animations, Transitions, LUTs, and Overlays for Video Editors

Video & Film Frame Calculator.  Because base-24 math is hard for humanities majors.

Audition’s Loudness Radar helps you conform your soundtrack to established broadcast standards. 

Though your titles and credits must conform to certain institutional standards, I recommend you consult Art of the Title for inspiration.



The PBS Red Book Technical Operating Standards.  This document determines the specifications for most student films and coursework.  I recommend your projects be reverse-engineered to satisfy these parameters from the very beginning.

Storyboarder is a free (many would say “the best”) film planning app.  You’ll soon get addicted to how easy it is to plan your shots using such a powerful tool with such a gentle learning curve.  They say they’re working on an iOS version, but I’m not holding my breath. 

Juggling a big production day?  Organize communication to cast and crew with Simple Callsheet.

Film Funding: The Top Film Grants List for Every Filmmaker in 2019

23 Best Movie Storyboard Examples (with Free Storyboard Templates)



One-Minute Time Machine  The 180° rule at work.

Cheap Boyfriends  Master shot.  Close-up.  Reverse Angle.  Repeat.

Hockey Practice  The difference dual-system audio makes even to home movies.

How We Make Pencils  Process non-fiction, sweetened with Foley.

Moleskine Custom Editions: Silk Screen Printing Customization  Process non-fiction.  Smooth camera movement.  Short depth-of-field.


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