(adapted from the PBS Redbook TOS)
The recording must begin with 60 seconds of color bars and operating level tone on all audio channels.  Bars and tone are used to calibrate your video, to easily match its levels of color and loudness with other videos in a program (like a film festival).  Therefore, do not make any changes to the volume level (-12 dBFS) or the colors.
Fill your slate out like this one. SLATE
The recording must continue with a 20 second visual slate in the style of the following template.  TRT = “total running time.”  All text should appear, white on black, in Avenir Medium, all caps.  The production company is always “Edinboro University.”  The date is the due date of the final project as listed in the syllabus.

The recording must continue with a countdown clock keyed over the slate beginning precisely 10 seconds before the program. Each clock change will indicate the beginning of a second, coinciding with a single frame of 400 Hz audio tone and single frame of white circle for lip-sync test, followed by 29 frames of silence and absence of white circle.
The number “2” must be the last number to appear, with 1.8 seconds of black and 59 frames of silence before the beginning of the program.  The recording continues with the program per PBS Red Book content specifications.After the program, the recording concludes with at least 30 seconds of black and silence.