At the hours indicated below, cinema lab aides are available in Doucette Hall G-6 to check out select equipment for class projects.  It is often advantageous to alert them to your equipment needs several days in advance.

Equipment Loan - SP20

0800(R) 0800-1030a
0930(R) 0930-1030a(R) 0930-1030a(R) 0930-1030a(R) 0930-1030a
1030(E) 1030-1230p
1230(E) 1230-0130p(E) 1230-0130p
0300(E) 0300-0400p(E) 0300-0400p

Governed by the following priorities, equipment and facilities are available to those students currently enrolled in cinema production classes:

  1. Priority shall be given to equipment loans which support class project assignments and faculty scholarship initiatives.
  2. Production equipment will support in-class instruction as well as out-of-class project work. Return deadlines will be carefully monitored.
  3. Certain equipment is designated for use by each class. Thus, cameras, lighting, and grip equipment set aside for advanced instruction may not be available to students in introductory-level courses (and vice versa). Not even cinema production lab aides should assume free access to all equipment.

Students may borrow equipment according to the following schedule.  Equipment should be returned no later than one-half hour before closing time.

Check-Out Return
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Monday

Equipment due on Labor Day or Reading Day may be returned the following day without fine.  Equipment cannot be checked out over Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring breaks.

There is one-day waiting period between equipment loans.

Students who return equipment late will be fined at a rate of $10 per day, per piece of equipment.  Loan privileges will be suspended until all fines are paid.  Fines may be paid in person during open hours at the Equipment Room by check or money order made out to Edinboro University.

Instruction, scholarship, and maintenance priorities govern occasional exceptions to the more comprehensive version of these policies found on Film Equipment Rental Data Sheets, available from cinema lab aides.