The Film: Snapshot

This filmmaking team boasted an impressive rehearsal ethic. The weekend before their shoot, they gathered on location to block camera and actor in a dance more dynamic and complicated than one finds in most 200-level projects. The absurd collision of whimsical dialogue with a visual style surely appropriated from Showtime's "Dexter," ignites the spark of this piece. I'm additionally impressed by the physical integration of credits, not to mention the believable location scouting and production design.

More Details

Digital Audio Production
A film under ten minutes to be publicly screened and entered in no fewer than two film festivals. The dialogue, effects, and music stems, will be graded in ProTools. Each should be clearly recorded and well-organized, with properly-labeled signal processing and file names.
Official Selection, Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival (MI) | Official Selection, Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival (IL)