The Film: My Ink

100-level films are frequently derivative, imitations (or parodies) of popular genre pieces. That's why "My Ink" was such a surprise. It feels passionately personal and artistically realized. It avoids tricky lighting and polished camera movement, typically pitfalls of first-time filmmakers. Meanwhile, it puts to good use the signature depth-of-field of newer pro-sumer grade cameras and achieves fairly good location audio via dual-system recording. As a bonus, this filmmaking team was brave enough to synchronize some multi-camera work.

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Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
A film under five minutes to be publicly screened at the end-of-term Media Showcase. Introductory-level students are encouraged to choose forms (art films and documentaries) which do not rely heavily on continuity editing. Multiple storyboard drafts, revised to reflect faculty input, should be anticipated.