Hospital Download

Prepare for class

  • On the desktop of your computer, create and label a folder ART267_Hospital_YourLastName with subfolders as shown in this video.
  • Download to the “video” subfolder:  Hospital Footage (4K UHD)  or  Hospital Footage (low-rez for slower internet connections)
  • Download the “project/documentation” subfolder:  Hospital Script and Hospital Credits
  • Start a new Hospital_YourLastName project in Adobe Premiere.  Organize bins as shown in this video.

Follow along with the professor during class

  • Use the Media Browser to import footage from your computer folders to the Adobe project bins.
  • Use in and out points in the source monitor to divide each of the five raw shots by take into subclips.
  • Name, grade, and store the subclips in sub-bins so you can find them later.