Hospital Assembly

Once you’ve finished downloading and dividing the raw footage into sub-clips,

Re-read the script and storyboard from an editor’s analytical perspective.

Switch to Adobe’s “Assembly” Workspace

Customize meta-data for comments and grading.

Using the icon view of the project window and the source monitor, scrub quickly through clips using the transport keys J, K, & L.

Re-label and grade sub-clips as necessary, arranging them in well-named bins for ease of collaboration.

Switch to Adobe’s “Editing” Workspace.  Create and properly label a new sequence as shown. 

Prepare a broadcast-standard leader with slate.  Lock the leader tracks.

Duplicate and rename a new version of the sequence before using the In, Out, and Insert/Overwrite commands to place clips in chronological order.  In this version of the edit, repeated lines are expected.  Keeping all your video in the same timeline track will reduce Premiere’s demand on your computer’s CPU and RAM.

Film project work is cumulative.  Please ask questions in class or meet with the professor during his office hours to keep problems with the Assembly Edit from snowballing into bigger challenges in the Rough Cut.