Hospital Export

Objective:  The finished hospital scene serves as evidence of instruction in the post-production process.
Submit:  Enter a Vimeo url in the appropriate D2L assignment submission folder.
Assessment:  Your individual grade will be averaged with other project scores.  Grading criteria as follows:

  • Technical Operation Standards.  Begin with the prescribed calibrating LEADER.  Conclude with 30 seconds of silent black.  Include neither in the total running time of your video.
  • Editing.  No fewer than two J- or L-cuts.
  • Color.  Basic color correction using Adobe’s Lumetri Color panel. 
  • Audio Mix.  Split dialogue tracks with room tone patches.  Basic processing using Adobe’s Essential Audio panel.  Royalty-free music should be back-timed and properly attributed.  Appropriate ambient background effects.  Average combined volume levels mixed to -12dB.  
  • Closing Credits.  As provided.
  • Export the entire timeline (from the beginning of the bars and tone to the end of silent black) to your VIMEO account.  While YouTube certainly has market share, Vimeo is friendlier to media makers.  If you aspire to careers in animation or digital filmmaking, a polished Vimeo account hosting portfolio, demo reel, and projects for client review, will be a professional asset.  The url should be in this format:  – nothing more than the name of the hosting platform plus a number.  Additional words and characters indicate administrative pages that visitors may not be able to access.