production design

costume design

Consulting the SCRIPT ANALYSIS and MOOD BOARD, the Production Designer works alongside the director to select, design, and unify the following visual storytelling elements:

    • accommodate PLOT
    • convey character
    • facilitate body MIC PLACEMENT
    • complement lighting and other design elements
    • Actors are not to make changes to their appearance (hair cuts and color, piercings, tattoos) from casting to reshoots. 
    • INDIVIDUAL and DISPOSABLE APPLICATORS are to be used for the performers’ safety and health
    • When SCOUTING, consider the look of the place and the sound (highway?  air conditioning?).  How do those change throughout the day?
    • DRAW an accurate ground plan to scale (usually 1/4″ = 1 foot) that will become the basis for lighting plots, storyboards, and actor blocking.  Include (1) cardinal compass orientation (what direction do the windows face?), (2) electrical supply, (3) production facilities (where will the crew eat? where is the nearest bathroom? where can people securely store personal items?)
    • Secure signatures on the LOCATION RELEASE.  What are the property owner’s expectations for affixing production items to surfaces? moving furniture? trash removal?