Mood board (narrative)

costume design

Working with the Director, the PRODUCTION DESIGNER will collect and present

  • 3 fabric samples that suggest the mood of the script or its component scenes.  This might be, but is not necessarily the same thing as choosing the fabric from which costumes will be made.
  • 3 color swatches with RGB and hexcode values.  Perhaps these are colors one associates with characters, or emotions, or time of day, or era of history.
  • 3 physical items.  These could be anything: toys, tools, gum wrappers – anything the script reminds you of or suggests.  This phase of design is not about collecting actual props, but about being inspired in ways which will later guide you in that function.

The CINEMATOGRAPHER will present stills from three films which are similar in tone to the movie in pre-production. 

The SCORE SUPERVISOR will present three songs s/he imagines might inspire the film in pre-production.