Use a LIGHTING PLOT to estimate your equipment needs before shooting.  The best lighting plots account for…

How bright is the KEY light ?  The FILL light?  The BACK light?  What is the dimmer setting or wattage for each?
How far is each light from the subject?

In degrees Kelvin, what is the SOURCE TEMPERATURE (incandescence, fluorescence, sunlight) of each light? 
Indicate GELS, FILTERS or RGB settings.

ANGLE.  How high is each light positioned?
ORIENTATION.  Assuming the camera is at 12 on an analog clock face, where is each light?

SPECULARITY – what (lenses) sharpens the light?
DIFFUSION – what (materials) soften the light?
SHAPE – barn doors, flags, foil, cookies.

REVISE your lighting plot on location before submitting it with your group’s project documentation.