Personal Introduction

Objective:  Introduce yourself through a brief video.  The assignment guidelines intentionally offer minimal parameters and advice, freeing you to demonstrate the ideas and expertise you bring to the course.
Submit:  Enter a Vimeo url in the appropriate D2L assignment submission folder.
Assessment:  Your individual grade will be averaged with other project scores.

  • Your video should be exactly twenty seconds in length.  Exactly.  Because films frequently must conform to industry standards, making them fit precise length requirements is an important career competence.
  • You may use a maximum of 10 words, spoken or written.  Careful:  food & drink labels, corporate logos, and t-shirt slogans all count toward the 10-word maximum.
  • Using your real name, register for a free VIMEO account.  While YouTube certainly has market share, Vimeo is friendlier to media makers.  If you aspire to careers in animation or digital filmmaking, a polished Vimeo account hosting portfolio, demo reel, and projects for client review, will be a professional asset.
  • The url should be in this format:  – nothing more than the name of the hosting platform plus a number.  Additional words and characters indicate administrative pages that visitors may not be able to access.