Body mics


Use the AUDIO CART as a location work surface.

Configure the RECORDER

    • Insert new BATTERIESFORMAT media memory.  Set DATE.
    • 48kHz SAMPLING RATE 
    • BIT DEPTH of 24. 
    • PHANTOM POWER off.

Before the first take:

    • Discuss COSTUMING concerns with the Production Designer.
    • Use a MOLESKIN SANDWICH to position the mic on the sternum roughly 8″ from the performer’s mouth. Consult this video for other lav hiding techniques
    • Use BODY CONTOURS and CLOTHING conceal microphones and wire.  Check lighting angle for tell-tale ridges under clothing.
    • Match transmitter and receiver FREQUENCIES
    • Secure the TRANSMITTER pack in the small of the performer’s back.
    • Rehearse with actors.  Set average LEVELS to -12dB FS.  Levels can be set on the transmitter pack as well as the recorder.
    • Record one minute of ROOM TONE.

Each take:

    • Director yells “Roll ’em”; PRODUCTION SOUND MIXER responds “SPEED.”
    • Stop recording only after the director yells “Cut.”
    • LOG file numbers
    • PLAYBACK each recording, monitoring for quality.

After the shoot:

  • BACKUP files to laptop.
  • Surrender media for SERVER transfer.