Create and properly label a NEW SEQUENCE as shown:

Use the IN, OUT, and INSERT commands (in the Source Monitor window) to prepare a broadcast-standard LEADER with SLATE.  Lock the leader tracks.

DUPLICATE and RENAME a new version of the sequence.

Referring to the storyboard or script, use the IN, OUT, and INSERT commands to PLACE CLIPS in chronological order.  In this version of the edit, repeated lines of dialogue are expected.  WORK QUICKLY, keeping all video clips in the same timeline track.  Frame-accurate precision is of little concern at this stage of post-production.

The purpose of the assembly is to check for COVERAGE and CONTINUITY.  If the answer to any of the following questions is “no,” it is the editor’s responsibility to immediately alert professor, director, and producer.

  • Does the editor have the shots necessary to edit the scene as depicted in the storyboard? 
  • Is the screen direction consistent?
  • Are the performances consistent? 
  • Is the video and audio quality adequate?