4905 FA23 Crew


The Damsel
Production DesignBuppAsst Visual Editor/
Dialogue Editor
Asst Director
FeiockDialogue Editor
DirectorKuhnsAsst Foley/FXProduction DesignerNorthVisual Editor
Asst DirectorLewisScoreAudio Asst/DITRauscherFoley/Audio FX
Production SoundTaylorAudio EditorProduction SoundReihnerAudio Editor
Audio Asst/DITThomasVisual Editor


  • Schedules the production (calendar)
  • Budgets the production; manages purchasing
  • Maintains personal and location releases
  • Maintains credits list
  • Markets the film
    • Hires poster designer
    • Oversees trailer
    • Strategically enters the film in festivals.


  • Motivates actors to produce their best dramatic performance.
  • Attends casting sessions and selects actors.  Oversees rehearsals.
  • Interprets a script; understands the story and narrative style.
  • Chooses set locations from among those scouted by the Production Designer.
  • Works within budgetary constraints.  Adheres to production schedule.
  • Manages conflict on set.
  • Coordinates with camera crew, production designer, and composer to ensure a consistent creative execution.
  • Works with the editor to create the film in its final form.

Assistant Director

  • Authors call sheets.  The contact person for everyone in the cast and crew.
  • Schedules the production (stopwatch).


  • Writes the script.


(a.k.a. director of photography, lighting cameraman, camera operator)

  • Manages camera and lighting crew
  • Oversee the selection and manipulation of technical equipment to create screen images.
  • Lenses & Filters
  • Lighting techniques
  • Camera movements
  • Aspect ratio, digital effects, image contrast, frame rates
  • Manages and backs up all recording media (in conjunction with the Digital Imaging Technician); Delivers recorded media to the editor


  • Designs and implements the lighting scheme in concert with the Cinematographer
  • Supervises a crew that safely maintains and moves lighting equipment.
  • Keeps detailed nominal, repeatable lighting plots.

Production Sound

(a.k.a.  production sound mixer, location sound recordist, location sound engineer, or sound mixer)

  • Works within budgetary constraints.  Adheres to production schedule.
  • Manages audio crew (chiefly the boom operator and utility sound technician).
  • Selects, maintains, and deploys microphones, cables, field recorders, mixers, and headphones
  • Makes and logs dual-system recordings of all location dialogue
  • Makes and logs recordings of roomtone and wildcat effects
  • Manages and backs up all recording media (in conjunction with the Digital Imaging Technician); Delivers recorded media to the editor.

Digital Imaging Technician

  • Manages, logs, and backs up all audio and video recording media; Delivers recorded media to the assistant editor.  Provides empty recording media to the cinematographer.

Production Designer

  • Works within budgetary constraints.  Adheres to production schedule.
  • Works alongside the director to select and design the following elements to visually convey the film’s story:
    • Costumes
    • Make-Up
    • Location Scouting
    • Set Dressing

Editor (Visual)

  • Selects shots, combines them into sequences.
  • Works with the director to creatively tell the film’s story

Assistant Editor

  • Organizes raw footage.

Editor (Audio)

  • Combines the following elements to meet technical standards of level and creatively tell the film’s story:
    • Dialogue
    • Foley, Effects, Atmospheres
    • Score.  Contract with a composer to add original music.  Records and mixes separate tracks of audio.


  • Effects basic color correction.
    • Input LUT (Look Up Table)
    • White Balance
      • Temperature
      • Tint
    • Tone
      • Exposure
      • Contrast
    • Highlights
    • Shadows
    • Whites
    • Blacks
  • Make individual shots recorded under different lighting conditions look like they belong in the same scene.
  • Monitors for broadcast-safe levels of brightness and color.
  • Adds subjective, creative color grading to creatively tell the film’s story.


  • Designs titles (coordinated with marketing for branding consistency)
  • Designs visual effects
  • Designs credit crawl