2018 october

mon15oct9:00 ammon11:30 amScript 1Individual Assignment: Conversation Transcript 1 (due 0900a)9:00 am - 11:30 am EST


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Individual Assignment.  The intent of this assignment is to focus your attention on conversational dialogue as it spoken.

Transcribe 3, 2-minute conversations involving three or fewer speakers/characters.  You may record conversations and type them out later if you like, but please try to transcribe the conversations verbatim.  Do not clean up the language, polish grammar, fill holes of logic, or in any way “improve” the dialogue.  I strongly advise you to avoid conversations in which people admit to illegal behavior.  As much as is possible, do not identify the speakers by gender or name.  As much as is possible, avoid describing action, settings, or speaker appearance.

Make hard copies of all three transcriptions — one copy for each member of your group and one for your professor.  You’ll exchange the copies for discussion during this class period.