All assignments are group projects due at the beginning of class unless otherwise indicated.

Syllabus deadlines are the date and time an assignment is due in its final, approved version. The nature of filmmaking is such, however, that you should plan on soliciting your professor’s feedback on at least two intermediate versions of each project. You ignore the Academy’s proven “draft-and-revise” rhythm at significant peril to your grade.

T Jan 15Discuss & Demo: Expectations; Strategies for Success; Group Communication;
Viewing Analytically; Studio & Equipment
R Jan 17Individual Assignment: Each crew member will prepare a script analysis & image file.
M Jan 21MLK Recess: No Class Meeting
T Jan 22Last Day to Drop-Add
T Jan 22Individual Assignment: Pre-Production. Submit your analysis/image file as a .pdf binder via D2L assignments (0300p).
R Jan 24Pre-Production: Equipment Tests & Workflow
Career Readiness: Christina Moreschi, Asst. Director of Career Development
T Jan 29Pre-Production
R Jan 31Assignment: Personal & Location Releases
T Feb 05Assignment: Approved Storyboard & Scale Location Drawings
Participation: Peer Evaluation
Discuss: Rudolf Laban. Coaching Actors. Paranoid Schizophrenia
R Feb 07Assignment: Design Show & Tell. On behalf of your crew, the production designer will submit images of costumes, photographs and scale drawings of each location, and detailed make-up plans as a single .pdf binder to D2L.
Assignment: Lighting Plot. On behalf of your crew, the gaffer and camera operator will submit approved, scale lighting plots which facilitate the shot in the previously-approved storyboard. The plot will include a plan for safely routing electricity and a list of necessary lighting, camera, and grip equipment. Upload them all as a single .pdf binder to D2L.
T Feb 12Production
R Feb 14Production
Server & Project Organization
Synchronizing & Merging Footage
Make-Up Test; Set Painting
T Feb 19Production
R Feb 21Production
T Feb 26Production
R Feb 28Assignment: Principal Photography. All footage & logs uploaded to server.
Participation: Peer Evaluation
T Mar 05Spring Break
R Mar 07Spring Break
T Mar 12Assignment: Approved Assembly Edit.
Footage Ingested: video and audio tracks synchronized & merged.
Footage Organized: server and project bins are conformed for linkage.
Assembly Edit: The editor's choice of shots are placed in the timeline in the approximate order they will appear in the film.
R Mar 14Post-Production
T Mar 19Assignment: Approved Rough Cut
R Mar 21Post-Production
T Mar 26Assignment: Approved Visual Lock
Participation: Peer Evaluation
R Mar 28Post-Production Workshop
F Mar 29Last Day to Withdraw
T Apr 02Assignment: Approved Graphics & Color. Titles, credits, and color grading complete.
R Apr 04Post-Production Workshop
T Apr 09Assignment: Approved Dialogue Edit
R Apr 11Assignment: Approved Foley, FX, & Atmosphere Mix
T Apr 16Assignment: Approved Score
R Apr 18Assignment: Approved Audio Mix
T Apr 23Post-Production Workshop
R Apr 25Final Exam: Completed Film (due 0530p)
T Apr 30Final Exam: Marketing. Promotional and festival entry materials (due 0300p)
R May 02Final Exam: Assessment (0300-0500p)
Participation: Peer Evaluation
R May 02Public Screening: Film Festival 0800p