M Jan 13Discuss & Demo: Expectations; Strategies for Success; Group Communication; Studio & Equipment
W Jan 15Viewing Analytically: Batman Forever
Individual Assignment: Personal Introduction (0300p).
20 seconds exactly. Maximum of 10 words (spoken and/or written). Uploaded to Vimeo.
M Jan 20MLK Day Recess - No Class Meeting
M Jan 21Last Day to Drop-Add
W Jan 22Discuss & Demo: Lighting Aesthetics
Discuss & Demo: 3- and 4-Point Lighting
M Jan 27Discuss & Demo: Lenses, Irises, & White Balance
W Jan 29Assignment: Lighting Plot (0300p). Submit a lighting plot from our recent studio class as a .pdf or .jpg via D2L.
In-Class Group Assignment: Studio Lighting (0530p).
M Feb 03Workshop: Location Lighting
W Feb 05Group Project: Location Lighting (1000a).
Participation: Peer Evaluation (0130p).
M Feb 10Discuss & Demo: Composition Aesthetics;
Scheduling & Storyboards
Group Assignment: Composition Pre-Production (0130p).
W Feb 12Workshop: Composition
M Feb 17Group Project: Composition Production (1230p).
Participation: Peer Evaluation
Discuss & Demo: Movement Aesthetics
Viewing Analytically: Raising Arizona
W Feb 19Group Assignment: Movement Pre-Production (0300p).
As the projects grow in complexity, you may find this Project Workflow/Shooting Protocol helpful.
Discuss & Demo: Movement Technique
Improving Group Work: Sharing Schedules via Outlook
M Feb 24Workshop: Movement
W Feb 26Workshop: Movement
M Mar 02Group Project: Movement Production (0130p).
W Mar 04Participation: Peer Evaluation
Participation: Scriptwriting - Conversation Transcript (0300p).
Group Assignment: In-Class Script Workshop
M Mar 09Spring Break - No Class Meeting
W Mar 11Spring Break - No Class Meeting
M Mar 16Group Assignment: Scriptwriting (0300p).
W Mar 18Discuss & Demo: Recording Location Dialogue
Group Assignment: Location Dialogue Pre-Production (0300p). On behalf of your group, your Audio Project director will secure the professor's signature on a storyboard before shooting.
By this point in the semester, there's a lot to remember. Keep your eye on this Project Workflow/Shooting Protocol.
M Mar 23Discuss & Demo: Recording Location Dialogue
Individual Assignment: Personal Introduction Redux + Dual System Audio (0300p). Minimum of 20 spoken words. Upload separate audio and video files to your group's server partition.
W Mar 25Workshop: Location Dialogue
M Mar 30Group Project: Audio Production (0400p)
Participation: Peer Evaluation
W Apr 01Discuss & Demo: Editing Aesthetics
M Apr 06Discuss & Demo: Editing Technique
Guided In-Class Individual Assignment: Phase 1 - Preparing to Edit (0130p)
W Apr 08Out-of-Class Individual Assignment: Phase 2 - The Assembly Edit (0330p)
Guided In-Class Individual Assignment: Phase 3 - The Rough Cut (0430p)
R Apr 09Last Day to Withdraw
M Apr 13Out-of-Class Individual Assignment: Phase 4 - Visual Lock (1230p).
Out-of-Class Individual Assignment: Personal Introduction Redux (1230p). Synchronize and merge video and audio files before editing a new version of the semester's first assignment.
W Apr 15Individual Project: Phase 5 - Dialogue & Music (0300p).
Final Exam: Phase 1 - Pre-Production
By this point in the semester, there's a lot to remember. Keep your eye on this Project Workflow/Shooting Protocol.
M Apr 20Final Exam: Phase 2 - Production (0300p).
W Apr 22Final Exam: Phase 3 - Post Production - Rough Cut (0300p).
M Apr 27Final Exam: Phase 4 - Distribution - Final Film (0130p).
W Apr 29Final Exam: Review (1230p-0230p).
R Apr 30Final Exam: Public Screening (0800p). Pogue Multi-Purpose Room. A film isn't a film until it's shared with an audience. Your presence is required.
F May 01Final Exam: Assessment (1230p-0230p).
Participation: Peer Evaluation