M Jan 13Discuss & Demo: Expectations; Strategies for Success; Group Communication; Studio & Equipment
W Jan 15Viewing Analytically: Batman Forever
Individual Assignment: Personal Introduction (0300p).
20 seconds exactly. Maximum of 10 words (spoken and/or written). Uploaded to Vimeo.
M Jan 20MLK Day Recess - No Class Meeting
M Jan 21Last Day to Drop-Add
W Jan 22Discuss & Demo: Lighting Aesthetics
Discuss & Demo: 3- and 4-Point Lighting
M Jan 27Discuss & Demo: Lenses, Irises, & White Balance
W Jan 29Assignment: Lighting Plot (0300p). Submit a lighting plot from our recent studio class as a .pdf or .jpg via D2L.
In-Class Group Assignment: Studio Lighting (0530p).
M Feb 03Workshop: Location Lighting
W Feb 05Group Project: Location Lighting (0330p).
Participation: Peer Evaluation (0530p).
M Feb 10Discuss & Demo: Composition Aesthetics;
Scheduling & Storyboards
Group Assignment: Composition Pre-Production (0130p).
W Feb 12Workshop: Composition
M Feb 17Group Project: Composition Production (1230p).
Participation: Peer Evaluation
Discuss & Demo: Movement Aesthetics
Viewing Analytically: Raising Arizona
W Feb 19Group Assignment: Movement Pre-Production (0300p).
As the projects grow in complexity, you may find this Project Workflow/Shooting Protocol helpful.
Discuss & Demo: Movement Technique
Improving Group Work: Sharing Schedules via Outlook
M Feb 24Workshop: Movement
W Feb 26Workshop: Movement
M Mar 02Group Project: Movement Production (0430p).
W Mar 04Participation: Peer Evaluation
Participation: Scriptwriting - Conversation Transcript (0300p).
Group Assignment: In-Class Script Workshop
M Mar 09Spring Break - No Class Meeting
W Mar 11Spring Break - No Class Meeting
M Mar 16Break Extension - No Class Meeting
W Mar 18Zoom: Resource Assessment (0300p). Meeting archived here.
M Mar 23Group Assignment: Scriptwriting (0300p).
Objective: In the same way that films are edited from multiple takes, the intent of this class is to improve the quality of scripts by harnessing the brain power of multiple writers.
Assessment: Submission of the revised script constitutes successful completion of the assignment. Your group grade will be averaged with other quiz and assignment scores.
You started with a pool of 15 or so conversation transcriptions. You whittled them down to the two or three you felt were strongest (or perhaps strangest). Classmates gave you feedback to help you focus even further. Now, on behalf of your group, the Scriptwriter for the forthcoming Audio Project will submit a single script using this simplified script template. Drop the .pdf in the appropriate D2L assignment folder.
The priority of this revision should be on natural-sounding dialogue – not on action or description. Incorporate feedback from your classmates and professor to wisely pare dead lines and to substitute exchanges from other scripts (even those which have been dismissed). As with other assignments, this one will benefit from sharing multiple drafts with the professor before the due date.
Zoom: Script Analysis & Dual-System Audio (0400p)
Individual Assignment: Create a Dropbox work folder (as a substitute for the anim-stor1 server you used on campus). Dedicate the folder solely to the work of this class. Share it with your professor. (0300p)
W Mar 25Zoom: https://edinboro.zoom.us/j/642012011. Meeting ID: 642 012 011. (0330p)
Group Assignment: Location Dialogue Pre-Production (0300p). On behalf of your group, your Audio Project director will analyze the assigned script and submit a storyboard to D2L. Use the existing storyboard form or the Storyboarder app.
Individual Assignment: Download the Moment app (or another similarly-featured app which allows you manual control of your phone's camera and audio). (0300p)
Individual Assignment (second request): If you have not already done so, create a Dropbox work folder (as a substitute for the anim-stor1 server you used on campus). Name the folder like this, substituting your last name for mine: ART267.001 Fuller. Dedicate the folder solely to the work of this class. Share it with your professor. (0300p)
Analytical Screening: Watch The Godfather (1972), paying particular attention to edited sequences which alter the flow of time. How would you describe the relationship between sound and picture during these sequences? As you view the film, take notes so you can make robust contributions to the today's Zoom conference. Submit no more than a page of thoughtful viewing notes to D2L. (0300p)
M Mar 30Zoom: Merging Media Files. Class meeting archived here.
Individual Assignment: Personal Introduction Redux + Dual System Audio. Minimum of 20 spoken words. Upload raw footage (separate, unedited audio and video files) to Dropbox. You may find the first 2:00 of this video helpful. (0300p)
Analytical Screening: First, watch Moulin Rouge! (2001) in its entirety. Then go back to rewatch a favorite sequence of no more than ten minutes. How does the editor of this film decide when to make a given cut? Take another look at the "Tango De Roxanne" sequence. How does the editor navigate between two concurrent storylines? Submit no more than a page of thoughtful viewing notes to D2L. (0300p)
W Apr 01Zoom: Editing Aesthetics. Join Zoom Meeting: https://edinboro.zoom.us/j/218166729. Meeting ID: 218 166 729. (0330p)
Individual Assignment: In preparation for editing exercises via Zoom, familiarize yourself with the contents of a shared Dropbox folder entitled: 267.1 Hospital YourLastName (0300p)
Dropbox hate you? If all else fails, download the raw footage for this assignment directly to your computer.
M Apr 06Zoom: Editing Technique (0330p)
Guided In-Class Individual Assignment: Phase 1 - Preparing to Edit
Analytical Screening: The Cinemetrics website offers helpful data for studying the pacing of films. You might look up a bar graph representing Joker (2019), for example, and track the length of each shot, noting trends as the film's emotional intensity increases or decreases. Watch Snow Falling on Cedars (1999). Compare the opening scenes on the foggy Puget Sound, or the concluding argument of attorney Nels Gudmundsson, to "Hatsue's Letter" (Ishmael's memory of an important battle). What observations can you make about relative pacing? Imagine you're editing the audio of the "Letter" sequence. What rules might govern your choices? Submit no more than a page of thoughtful viewing notes to D2L.
W Apr 08
R Apr 09Last Day to Withdraw
M Apr 13
M Apr 20
W Apr 22
M Apr 27
W Apr 29Final Exam: Review (1230p-0230p).
R Apr 30Final Exam: Public Screening (0800p). Pogue Multi-Purpose Room. CANCELLED
F May 01Final Exam: Assessment (1230p-0230p).