Objective:  The goals of this composition assignment are (1) to plan a project for logistical efficiency and storytelling impact, and (2) to convey meaning through intentional framing, design, and placement.  Among other criteria, this assignment’s grading privileges mise-en-scène, consistent screen direction, the rule of thirds, look space, headroom, and depth articulation.
Submit:  Upload your storyboard as a .pdf to the corresponding D2L assignment folder.
Assessment:  Your individual grade will be averaged with other project scores.

  • Choose and analyze one of the following four short scripts: Affair, Espionage, Late, or Secret.  In each scene, two people meet.  Their meeting escalates to a climax.  They withdraw. 
  • Because each script offers only dialogue, you will have to specify setting, character demographics, and action. 
  • Shot size and composition should clearly indicate the scene’s moment of highest intensity or emotion.
  • Plot no more than 6 shots using the Storyboarder app.  Make sure the storyboard includes spoken lines and action cues, as in this example.
  • Compose in a project aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Distinguish characters from each other using body types and colors.


We’re Art majors; can we just draw our storyboards?  Sure… so long as you import your drawings into Storyboarder.  Pretty easy, actually.  Instructions are on the app’s front page.